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Location Design Concept Acceptance has been approved for the West Bay Parkway Segment 2 PD&E study. The Federal Highway Administration and Florida Department of Transportation have finalized this study and identified Alternative Alignment 4 as the preferred alternative.

You can see this alternative on the interactive map below by checking the box highlighted in red. The map will allow you to zoom in and look at the alternative in detail overtop current aerial photography. The public notification for Location Design Concept Acceptance was run in the Sunday, October 12 edition of the Panama City News Herald and can also be seen here.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is proposing a new four-lane roadway, approximately 24 miles in length, referred to as the West Bay Parkway. The engineering firms of H.W. Lochner, Inc. and PBS&J have teamed together and are under contract with FDOT to conduct a Project Development & Environment (PD&E) study for the proposed West Bay Parkway (CR 388 Extension).� During this study, potential locations for the new roadway will be identified and analyzed to document the impacts (both positive and negative) of the alternatives that are developed.

The overall project limits are from US 98 (SR 30) east of Peach Creek in Walton County to SR 77 in Bay County; however, the project will be divided into two segments (refer to the project map), with each segment having its own PD&E study.�For more details on the segments of the project, please go to the "Project Overview" page of this website.

The benefits of the new facility include improving mobility and interconnectivity in the regional transportation network and enhancing traveler safety.� Additionally, the improvements will provide better access to the new Panama City-Bay County International Airport, improve hurricane evacuation and emergency response capabilities, promote economic development in the region, and increase capacity and relieve existing and anticipated traffic congestion, particularly along the US 98 corridor.

One of the first steps in identifying potential locations for the new roadway is to develop alternative corridors (which vary in widths from 500 to 1,000 feet). Through the utilization of Land Suitability Mapping (LSM), the project team has identified nine alternative corridors for Segment 1 and eight alternative corridors for Segment 2. These alternative corridors are currently under review and are being analyzed. To learn more about the LSM process and how these corridors were developed, please click on the LSM Technical Memorandums on the side menu.

Since the actual right-of-way required for West Bay Parkway (a range of between 150 and 350 feet, depending on the type of roadway that is ultimately selected) will be much less than the corridor widths, potential locations for the roadway can be developed within the corridors during the next phase of the PD&E study.

This map displays the Project Area of the West Bay Parkway. By checking or unchecking any of the boxes below you can display or hide any of the proposed alignments, and each Segment outline. You can zoom using the + and � buttons or adjusting the slider. To move the map to a different area click the direction arrows, or place the cursor on the map and hold the left mouse button down to drag the map to a new location. You can search for an address by typing that address into the search box and clicking the Search button. You can also display a Roadmap by clicking the Map button, switch back to Satellite by clicking Satellite, or display both by clicking Hybrid. You may return to the project area view by clicking the Project Area button.

Please keep in mind that only one of the proposed alignments, or the No-Build option, will eventually be selected. Both typical sections for Segment 1 are currently under consideration and a single typical section will be chosen at a later date. The Suburban Limited Access typical section is the chosen typical section for Segment 2.

Segment Outline Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 4 Alt 5 Alt 6 Alt 6a Alt 7 Alt 7a Alt 10 Alt 10a
Segment 1              
Segment 2          
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The FDOT Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) Programming Screen review began for both PD&E studies (Segment 1 and Segment 2) during July 2009. This is a 45 to 60 day review period where federal, state, and local agencies, known as the Environmental Technical Advisory Team (ETAT), review and comment on the project�s purpose and need, its potential effect on natural and physical environmental resources, as well as socio-economic, historical and cultural resources.

The FDOT ETDM Programming Screen is completed through a web-based tool, and is available to the public at this link: ETDM Public Access. The project numbers are 11680 for Segment 1 and 11681 for Segment 2. In order to view the project information within the site you will have to select the "Project Number" link under the "Project Search" menu, and then type in one of the two project numbers listed above.